Women Air Jordan 19 Black Red

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Women Air Jordan 19 Black Red

Post  coach carly on Mon Apr 18, 2011 7:33 pm

When you want to buy Air Jordan shoes, this is the right place you should stay and make a decision.There are more Air Jordan shoes on our website.Former Air Jordan designer Tinker Hatfield had moved on by the time of the Jordan XVI. The Air Jordan XVI was designed by Hatfield replacement, Nike Senior Footwear Designer, Wilson Smith. With a little fresh blood in the design process, the Jordan XVI was perhaps the first truly fresh design since the Jordan III, despite the fact that Smith decided to recycle a few of the design elements of earlier releases, such as thewomen jordan shoes and patent leather.
What made the jordan sneakers new was a removable gaiter/shroud, giving the shoe two looks for the price of one. Not only a stylish addition, this feature helped to control temperature and comfort for the wearer. Like all new things, this design had a few bugs to be worked out. The overall feel of the shoe was a little stiff and the shroud easily came off during very active wear and the patent leather didn’t wear as well as other materials. Even with these problems, the overall concept and design of the Air Jordan XVI was excellent and Wilson Smith certainly lived up to the example of his predecessor.
I believe the same memory foam used in the jordans shoes was also used in the making of the XIX. If there is one trait this shoe will be remembered for, it will be the level of comfort each time you put the shoe on. Just by allowing some of my roommates try the shoe and walk around, they have gone and purchased pairs of their own. The carbon fiber plate on the bottom of the shoe also allows for supportive landing Air Jordan 19 Women Black Red.

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